5 Reasons Adults Should Consider Braces

Once upon a time, you wouldn’t find braces within about twenty feet of a full grown adult. They belonged firmly in the realm of children and teens. The stereotypical “teen with a mouth full of metal” cliché has persisted for a reason, after all! But times have changed, and nowadays, adults can often comprise up to 25% of orthodontic patients. Such a shift can be attributed to several factors. Some adults want to improve their smiles or correct misaligned bites, while others are looking to boost their self-esteem or even improve their overall health. Whatever the reason, there’s never been a better time for adults to reap the benefits of orthodontic treatment. Here at Szymanowski Orthodontics, we know that this kind of treatment can be successful at any age, so let’s discuss the top 5 reasons adults should consider getting braces!

1. Every smile is an important smile

For better or worse, your smile is one of the first things people will notice about you. Whether we’re socializing, networking, or even communicating virtually, our smiles have an effect on how others perceive us. In fact, studies have shown that teeth are a standout feature when it comes to what people notice and recall when first meeting someone.

If you have crooked teeth or problems with misalignment, you may be missing out on wowing with your smile by covering your mouth or keeping it closed at all costs. It might seem silly, but your oral health and the appearance of your teeth can impact everything from your marketability to your social life. Why not explore the benefits orthodontic treatment could bring you now? A few months or even years in braces are worth it for a smile you can show off for a lifetime!

2. Even healthy teeth can move at any age

It’s an unfortunate truth — teeth can shift at any age. This can be due to an injury, a health condition, or simply the natural movement that occurs as we age. You may have had straight teeth in the past, but are now facing a crooked or overcrowded smile that you simply don’t know what to do with. Or perhaps you had braces in the past, but are still finding your teeth to be shifting as you get older. You might even be one of those former orthodontic patients who refused to wear their retainer as often as directed (it happens.)

Ultimately, the “why” doesn’t matter as much as the “what now?” when it comes to shifting teeth, and the answer to that is: braces by Szymanowski Orthodontics, of course!

3. Braces can help reduce the risk of serious dental problems in adults

Research has shown that the frequency of misalignment in adults is comparable to the frequency in children and teens. Crooked teeth and misaligned bites can contribute to serious oral issues in adults, including an increased chance of developing plaque due to a buildup of food in between the poorly positioned teeth you can’t properly clean. Orthodontic treatment in the form of braces can help you avoid things like tooth decay, gum and bone loss, irregular wear of enamel, and sometimes even relieve or prevent the chronic facial discomfort that comes with TMJ/TMD pain.

4. Braces can improve both your oral and your overall health

Many people are unaware that problems with your mouth can lead to problems elsewhere. Crooked teeth, misaligned bites or jaws — if left untreated — may lead to headaches, earaches, facial pain, and more. They can also affect how you chew your food, leading to potential gastrointestinal difficulties. Furthermore, research has shown that gum disease may play a part in the health of your heart. Choosing braces as an adult has benefits that go far beyond just a beautiful smile! They can improve your overall health as well as straighten your teeth.

detailed invisalign tray

5. Modern braces are better than they’ve ever been

Braces have come a long way, baby. Over the years they’ve evolved from the stereotypical “brace face” type to sleeker, more comfortable, less noticeable options. Metal is no longer your only choice for orthodontic treatment, either. Ceramic braces are clear or tooth-colored, and popular with adults due to their cosmetic appeal. For similar reasons, the Invisalign aligner system is another popular choice among our patients. These clear, plastic, custom-fit aligners are removable, worn over the teeth, and use no metal or wires. They also have no food restrictions, and you’re able to brush and floss like you normally would. These are just two of the many patient services we offer.

Not only are today’s braces lighter, more comfortable, and less noticeable, they’re more affordable, as well! Some medical and dental insurance plans will cover part of the cost of braces for patients over 18, but if they won’t, don’t despair. Our orthodontic office offers many financing options to accommodate your needs, and we’d be happy to go over them with you.

During your initial consultation, we’ll review your orthodontic coverage and explain your benefits to you. Once treatment begins, we can submit and file an insurance claim on your behalf to make sure your benefits are maximized.

Let Szymanowski Orthodontics give you something to smile about in Sacramento

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