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Earn Rewards for Caring for Your Smile

It's about time you were rewarded for your smile! Smile Rewards is our way of rewarding you throughout your treatment!

About Szymanowski’s Smile Rewards

We know doctor visits can be a drag! Kids would rather play after school, and adults, we always have something better to do.

But, what if making it to your regularly scheduled appointments gave you free lunches, fun outings with the kids, or a night out at a Kings game?

Smile Rewards is our way of rewarding Szymanowski Orthodontics patients throughout treatment.

You receive points for:

  • Being on time for your appointments
  • No loose/broken braces or appliances
  • Sharing a stellar review on Google or Yelp
  • Referring a friend
  • Having excellent grades
  • Excellent oral hygiene
  • Regular dental cleanings without cavities
  • Providing an office testimonial
  • Wearing your Szymanowski t-shirt to
    your appointments
  • And more!

See the Rewards

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Rules & Guidelines
  • Prizes or points are not redeemable for cash.
  • The program applies to current patients of Dr. Szymanowski.
  • Reward points are non-transferable between friends and family.
  • If you lose your card, a new card can be purchased for 25 points.
  • Points are awarded for regularly scheduled appointments only.
  • Card must be present at the time of your appointment check-in to earn points.
  • Patient must be on time for the appointment to receive points.
  • Patient must bring a report card into the office to earn points (fax or emails are not accepted).
  • Patient must have written proof of dental cleaning and cavity clearance to earn points
    (fax or emails are not accepted).
  • To redeem your points, visit us online or speak with any of your team members.