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Take the First Steps to Your New Smile

At Szymanowski Orthodontics in Sacramento, we believe that your first orthodontic visit is the most important one.

Our goal is to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile, and Dr. Damon Szymanowski is dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your smile!

Easy and Painless

The first visit to a doctor’s office can sometimes seem intimidating, especially for kids, but, your first visit to Szymanowski Orthodontics will be completely painless.

At your first visit to Szymanowski Orthodontics, you’ll be welcomed to our office and introduced to our friendly team.

You will be greeted with a smile and given a brief tour of our modern Sacramento orthodontic office.

Then, we’ll also ask you to complete a Medical Health History Form. For your convenience, you can complete this Medical History Form at home by visiting our Patient Forms page.

Simple Steps

Your free consultation will include:

  • Digital photographs and X-rays to help Dr. Damon Szymanowski analyze your orthodontic needs
  • A short Q&A session with our expert treatment coordinator
  • Comprehensive oral examination by Dr. Damon Szymanowski
  • Specific treatment recommendations which may include Invisalign, Damon, Damon Clear, Incognito, or any special appliances necessary.
  • Talking through your multiple payment options, including presentation of your specific insurance benefits

At the end of your first office visit, our goal is for you to feel comfortable with Dr. Damon Szymanowski and our team. We want you to have a good understanding of your specific orthodontic needs, the treatment options presented, and your payment options.

We realize orthodontic treatment is an investment of time and resources, and we want you to have confidence in your decision to work with us at Szymanowski Orthodontics.

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Your Custom Treatment Plan

After reviewing your records, Dr. Damon Szymanowski will join you in a private consultation room to discuss your customized and unique treatment plan. Dr. Damon Szymanowski will point out specific areas of concern and show you what kind of corrections you can expect by showing photos and videos of similar cases.

Dr. Damon Szymanowski will take as much time as you need to answer your questions and decide what kind of treatment is best for you. Dr. Damon Szymanowski and his assistant will then walk you through the whole orthodontic treatment process.

We believe you should be involved with the treatment decisions that affect your smile. We encourage you to ask questions, so we can properly address any chief concerns that you may have regarding your treatment.

We’ll be honest and candid with you about your diagnosis, our recommendations, and any alternative treatment options. By working together, we can help you achieve your goal of a healthy, beautiful smile. We can’t wait to get to know you!

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Get Started

If you have any more questions about your first orthodontic visit, please call our Sacramento office at (916) 993-4171.

You can also schedule your free consultation at Szymanowski Orthodontics by filling out a simple online form.