Orthodontic Products That Can Help During Treatment

If you live in Sacramento, you’re not alone during treatment. Dr. Damon and the rest of the Szymanowski Orthodontics team want to ensure you’re properly equipped. Just like you deserve the best possible smile, you also deserve the best tools to help you get it. Here are a few orthodontic products that can help during treatment. 

That’s right! By making conscious decisions, such as using the right products, you can drastically improve your smile’s cosmetic appearance and overall health at the end of treatment. But what products should you be using? Let’s look at some of the items that can help you during your orthodontic journey.

The Case For Cases

If you wear clear aligners or retainers, your protective case needs to be with you 24/7, even if you have zero plans to take your appliance(s) out! Think of all the places you eat or perform oral hygiene. You don’t want to put your orthodontic appliances on any surface and then put them back in your mouth! Making the conscious effort to put your orthodontic equipment in its case means you are taking a crucial step to protect your clear aligners or retainers from physical damage, germs, or becoming lost. 

Remember, case it or break it, case it or misplace it, and case it or prepare to erase (germs). We know the last one could use some work, but the point is the same — put your orthodontic appliances in their cases!

If you ever lose or break your case or appliance, please get in touch with us at Szymanowski Orthodontics to receive a replacement!

Keep Up With Cleaning Products

Because your orthodontic appliances spend so much time in your mouth, they can accumulate the same bacteria, plaque, and germs that cause tooth decay, gum disease, infection, bad breath, tooth loss, and other complications, all of which could delay your treatment and potentially cause unwanted, long-lasting effects on your smile and oral health. 

Cleaning your orthodontic appliances is a vital step of your oral hygiene routine, and we’re happy to tell you that cleaning them does not take long at all! Every clear aligner manufacturer uses different materials, so be sure to get cleaning instructions from Dr. Damon when you receive your appliance. Cleaning product options include vinegar (with or without baking soda), unscented antibacterial soap, store-bought products specifically for clear aligners or retainers, and non-whitening toothpaste. Once you know which product is right for you and your orthodontic appliance, follow the instructions carefully. Improper handling can lead to damage or warping of the material.

Orthodontic Products That Can Help During TreatmentWater Flossers For The Win

Brushing and flossing are just as important as cleaning your appliances. If you clean your devices and not your mouth (or vice versa), you reintroduce those germs to what you’ve just cleaned. 

When you’re an orthodontic patient, cleaning every part in and around your braces can be difficult, so we recommend adding water flossers to your routine if you haven’t already. These machines use streams of water to clean the teeth and gums of harmful plaque and bacteria. For patients with clear aligners, a water flosser can rid the mouth of residue that might stain your aligners! A squeaky-clean mouth increases your chances of squeaky-clean aligners!

Water flossers are easy to use and only add about a minute or two to your routine so that you can reap the benefits without the elbow grease!

Pack Your Interproximal Brush

You’ll still need to clean your mouth during moments when you can not use a water flosser, such as at a restaurant, a friend’s house, work, or school. We suggest rinsing the mouth with some water and using an interproximal brush! Both are perfect for after meals or whenever you need a mouth refresher!

An interproximal or interdental brush is a portable brush used to floss or clean between the brackets behind the wire. It’s perfect for wearers of clear aligners and braces as a quick way to remove food or residue from the mouth when you’re on the go.

Orthodontic Wax

No matter your stage in orthodontic treatment, it’s normal to experience some discomfort. This irritation can come from poking and friction between your orthodontic appliance and your lips, cheek, and gums, leading to abrasions, canker sores, and frustration. It can be hard to feel motivated to continue your orthodontic journey and challenging to live life as usual when you’re constantly uncomfortable.

To soothe or prevent this, apply some removable orthodontic wax to the area that is bothering you! It creates a flexible barrier that protects your body from poking and friction and can be used by patients with clear aligners and braces.

If you find yourself in pain, contact our office immediately so we can ensure your appliance(s) fit correctly.

Orthodontic Products That Can Help During TreatmentSzymanowski Orthodontics Is Here For You!

With the orthodontic world continuously changing and updating, it’s no surprise that many orthodontic products can help you in and out of the office! Szymanowski Orthodontics gives all of Sacramento something to smile about. Go here to schedule a free consultation.