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AcceleDent in Sacramento

AcceleDent is a new technology that utilizes pulsatile forces to accelerate bone remodeling and speed up the orthodontic process, giving you better results in less time. By placing the AcceleDent mouthpiece in and using it for only twenty minutes a day, you can speed up the movement of your teeth by up to 50%! AcceleDent Aura fits around your existing braces or Invisalign. Faster movement in your teeth will not only speed up your orthodontic plan, it will also make for a more comfortable experience.

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acceledent accelerated orthodontics in sacramento

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AcceleDent FAQs

What is Acceledent and how does it work?

AcceleDent utilizes micropulse technology to speed up the orthodontic process. By placing the mouthpiece, which has been formed to fit around your existing orthodontics, in your mouth and turning on the activator for 20 minutes a day, you can speed up the process of getting a beautiful smile by up to 50%, with the added bonus of making your treatment schedule more comfortable as well.

Is it safe?

Of course! AcceleDent has been demonstrated as safe and reliable in clinical trials in the U.S. It has been classified as a Class II medical device by the FDA and fully approved for use.

Will using Acceledent decrease my treatment time?

Clinical trials an research have shown that by augmenting your orthodontic treatment with AcceleDent, you can speed up your tooth movement time by 50%, drastically cutting down total treatment time as well as the number of appointments you’ll have to attend.

Can I wear it overnight?

No. You should NOT wear or try to use AcceleDent while sleeping.

When should I recharge my Acceledent unit?

Recharge your AcceleDent Activator every three days, or when the battery indicator lights are no longer visible.

Is this treatment eligible under my HSA?

Though AcceleDent may be eligible under your HSA, consult your HSA administrator to be sure.