What Orthodontic Treatments Are Available for Adult Patients?

At Szymanowski Orthodontics, we’ve been noticing a trend lately – more and more adults are walking through our doors, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Braces, being just for teenagers, are now part of the past. Let’s explore the exciting world of adult orthodontics and the treatments that could have you flashing that confident smile in no time!

Can Adults Benefit from Orthodontic Treatment?

Absolutely! Dr. Damon says that your teeth can be straightened at any age. Some people didn’t have the opportunity for treatment when they were younger, while others might be experiencing shifting teeth as they age. Whatever your reason, know this – it’s never too late for a healthier, more confident smile.

Adult orthodontic treatment isn’t just about looking good (although that’s a great perk). It’s also about improving your overall oral health. Straight teeth are easier to clean, making you less likely to deal with decay or gum disease. Plus, orthodontic treatment could provide some much-needed relief if you’ve been experiencing jaw pain or headaches due to misalignment.

Traditional Braces Are Not Just for Teenagers

When you think of braces, you might picture a teenager. But let me tell you, traditional metal braces have come a long way! They’re smaller, sleeker, and more comfortable than ever before. And guess what? They’re not just for kids anymore.

Modern braces are a powerhouse when it comes to treating complex cases. They’re incredibly versatile and can handle significant tooth movement with precision. Plus, you’ve got options now. Metal braces are still around, but you can also choose ceramic braces that match the color of your teeth.

Treatment time with braces can vary, but Dr. Damon says that most adults see results within 18 to 36 months. And the time flies by when you start seeing those changes in the mirror!

What Orthodontic Treatments Are Available for Adult Patients?

Clear Aligners or Invisalign Are a Popular Choice

Now, let’s talk about the treatment option taking the adult orthodontic world by storm – clear aligners or Invisalign. If braces are the classic rock of orthodontics, clear aligners are the cool new indie band everyone’s talking about.

Clear aligners are like custom-made, removable mouthguards that gradually shift your teeth into position. The best part? They’re nearly invisible. You can go about your day, attend meetings, go on dates, and most people won’t even notice you’re straightening your teeth.

One of the biggest perks of clear aligners is their flexibility. You can take them out for eating, drinking, and those special occasions when you want your smile to be au naturel. Remember, they must be worn for 20-22 hours a day to be effective. Think of it as a part-time job with full-time benefits for your smile. Treatment with clear aligners typically takes 6 to 18 months, depending on your case.

Clear Ceramic Braces Can Offer a Sophisticated Look

Clear ceramic braces are a fantastic option for those who want the power of traditional braces with a more discreet look. These work like traditional metal braces but with one key difference – the brackets are made from a clear or tooth-colored ceramic material.

The result? A much less noticeable orthodontic treatment that still delivers impressive results. These braces blend in with your natural tooth color, making them a popular choice among our adult patients who want effective treatment without drawing attention to their orthodontic work.

Ceramic braces are just as effective as their metal counterparts, capable of treating the same range of orthodontic issues. They require a bit more care to prevent staining, but the aesthetic benefits are well worth it for many patients.


The Szymanowski Approach: Your Smile, Your Way

At Szymanowski Orthodontics, we believe in personalized treatment plans. Your smile is as unique as you are, and your treatment should reflect that. Sometimes, that means combining different approaches for the best results.

We might start you with traditional braces to handle complex movements, then switch you to clear aligners for the final touches. Or we might use accelerated orthodontics alongside your primary treatment to speed things up. It’s all about finding the perfect recipe for your perfect smile.

What Orthodontic Treatments Are Available for Adult Patients?

Ready to Start Your Smile Journey?

Thinking about taking the plunge but not sure where to start? Don’t worry! At Szymanowski Orthodontics, we offer a free consultation. It’s never too late to invest in your smile. Adult orthodontics isn’t just possible – it’s becoming more popular every day. Give us a call, and let’s get started on your journey to a healthier, more confident you. Your future self will thank you!

At Szymanowski Orthodontics, we’re not just straightening teeth – Dr. Damon is creating smiles that last a lifetime. We can’t wait to see you in our Sacramento office!