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Recognizing And Treating Your Child’s Misaligned Jaw
Posted on March 29, 2021 by Dr. Damon Szymanowski.

As a parent, it can be difficult to tell which small imperfections in your child’s toothy smile are endearing and which stem from a serious jaw misalignment that might be causing discomfort or self-consciousness for your child. Recognizing and treating your child’s misaligned jaw and other orthodontic issues is a common point of concern for ... Read full post

Trust Your Family’s Smiles To An Experienced Orthodontist
Posted on February 19, 2021 by Dr. Damon Szymanowski.

As a parent in Sacramento, we know you want the best for your family. That includes healthy teeth and a confident smile! If you’ve considered an orthodontic evaluation for you or your child, you may be wondering about the differences between your general dentist and an experienced orthodontist. There are some big differences between the ... Read full post

Debunking Common Myths About Adult Braces
Posted on December 31, 2020 by Dr. Damon Szymanowski.

For many people, the first image that comes to mind when thinking about orthodontics is some version of a teenager wearing metal braces. While it’s true that we do see many younger patients, treatment can have a multitude of benefits for patients of all ages! If you’ve been considering orthodontic treatment to straighten your smile, ... Read full post

What To Ask When Choosing An Orthodontist
Posted on November 30, 2020 by Dr. Damon Szymanowski.

Here at Szymanowski Orthodontics, we believe that educated patients make the best partners in any orthodontic journey! It’s our goal to help you feel empowered and informed from your first appointment to the last. We know choosing to improve your oral health with orthodontic treatment is a big decision, and your smile is too important ... Read full post

The Truth About Invisalign
Posted on October 25, 2020 by Dr. Damon Szymanowski.

In the past, there weren’t many options for orthodontic treatment. If you wanted to straighten your smile, it might mean months or even years of uncomfortable, obvious braces. Thankfully, modern braces have undergone a major makeover in recent years! With smaller brackets, a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, and more efficient movement of the teeth, traditional ... Read full post